Biotechnology Organizing Committee

Ahmed Gaber Shidied Ibrahim

Fayoum University

Biography: Ahmed Gaber Shidied Ibrahim is Professor of Hydrogeology in Geology De ReadMore...

Research Interest: Advanced geology , hydrology and hydrogeology, Advanced hyd ReadMore...

Arieh Zaritsky

University of the Negev. Kiryat Bergman

Biography: Emeritus Arieh Zaritsky is Professor, Faculty of Natural Science, Ben- ReadMore...

Research Interest: Natural Science

Kristina de Corpo

Independent Researcher
Self study, Universe, Emerita

Biography: I am a creative strategist. My background is in communication and desi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Can Biotechnology Help Us Reduce Entropy Within Our Physical ReadMore...

Van Khanh Nguyen

Pusan National University
Republic of Korea

Biography: Van Khanh Nguyen has completed his PhD at the age of 28 years from Pus ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiological removal of manganese by novel bacteria isola ReadMore...

Gassan Hodaifa Meri

Associate Professor
Pablo de Olavide University

Biography: Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Wastewater Treatment, Biomass Growth, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Wastewater Treatment, Biomas ReadMore...

Radovan Komel

University of Ljubljana

Biography: Radovan Komel is Professor of Biochemistry and molecular biology at th ReadMore...

Research Interest: He is currently working as a leading partner of the internat ReadMore...

Dr Rosa Martha Desentis Mendoza

Associate professor
Universidad Panamericana, Ciudad de México, México

Biography: Rosa Martha Desentis for more than 30 years has been dedicated to rese ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology,Bioethics,Genetics

Pedro Moroco,

Associate Professor for Biofabrication Research Group
Polytechnic Institute of Leiria

Biography: Pedro Morouço is a very enthusiastic and provoking early-career resea ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cartilage Regeneration and 4d Bio Printing, Biomaterials

Dr. Joel I.Osorio

CEO & Founder
RegenerAge Clinic

Biography: Dr.Joel I. Osorio has served in capacities in private and public pract ReadMore...

Research Interest: Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine