Algal Biotechnology

Algal biotechnology could also be a technology developed using algae . Biotechnology is to more the understanding of the ecology of microalgae. this will assist with the event of commercial-scale small protoctist culturing techniques for the assembly of bioactive compounds, cultivation feed, fine chemicals, and renewable fuels. additionally , environmental applications like CO2 bioremediation, management of excessive protoctist growth and development of management ways for installation managers area unit investigated. Trangenesis in protoctist could also be a advanced and invasive technology. Selectable marker genes, promoters, communicator genes, transformation techniques, and different genetic tools and ways area unit already accessible for varied species and presently ~25 species area unit accessible to genetic transformation. Fortuitously, large-scale sequencing comes are also planned, ongoing, or completed for several of these species. A $2.4M order for Algae.Tec algae production technology as a follow-up to an initial investment of A$1.5M by Reliance, with additional investments of AU$1.2 million over subsequent 2 years.

  • Microbial biotechnology
  • Plant nutrition

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