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Biotechnology refers to the manipulation of organisms, living system or parts of the living organisms to form products, environment or system for the advantage of citizenry . the merchandise which will be made by biotechnology process may include; pharmaceuticals, foods and water purification. However, it's various definitions since it involves mixture of disciplines, like physiology, genetics, medicine and bioprocess engineering, thus, simple definition of biotechnology is manipulation of organism scientifically at a molecular level so as to return up with productive products for human use. U.S. sales of environmental biotechnology products was valued at $241.2 million in 2012. this is often expected to extend at a complete compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of seven .9%, with 2013 sales of $261.9 million, rising to $382.3 million in 2019.


  • Microbial Antibiotics
  • Healthcare products
  • Immunization
  • Biotchniques on vaccinization

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