Animal Biotechnology

Animal biotechnology may be a immense field of study and includes the next topics: use of animals in analysis clones transgenic animals and gene pharming animal health. Animals play a big role in primary analysis. the use of animal models permits tons of fast assessment of the results of recent medical treatments and alternative merchandise. Testing on live animal models needs that 2 or tons of species be used as a results of completely different effects area unit discovered in several animals. If issues are detected within the animal tests, human subjects are never recruited for trials. The animals used most often area unit pure-bred mice and rats, however alternative species are used. Another extraordinarily valuable analysis animal is that the zebra fish, a hardy aquarium fish. Dogs are used for the study of cancer, heart condition and lung disorders. HIV and AIDS analysis is conducted on monkeys and chimpanzees. The contribution of this sector in economy was approximately 3.9% in 2011-12. India ranks first within the world in milk production with an estimated production of 132.4 million tonnes in 2012-13. India is additionally third largest egg-producer within the world, over 69.7 billion eggs were produced in 2012-13.


  • Transgenic animals
  • Bio pharm animals
  • Endogenous retrovirus
  • Regulatory issues

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